Olive green ruffled sleeve sweater, pink lace hem sweater, peplum bell sleeves top, white lace blouse

Today I’m reviewing some adorable tops for under $20!  Okay one is actually $21 but the rest are all under $20!  I’m also sharing my thoughts and experiences about online shopping overseas.

Banana Republic Indigo Skinny Ankle Jeans, J.Crew leopard flats, Olive green ruffled sleeve sweater

c/o Olive green ruffled sleeve sweater (other colors HERE) //Banana Republic jeans (similar HERE) // J.Crew leopard flats (similar HERE) // Tory Burch mini Robinson (similar HERE) // J.Crew cognac belt (similar HERE)

I’m absolutely IN LOVE with this ruffled sleeve sweater!  I’m always skeptical about “one size” because it rarely works out however this one luckily fits.  It runs small and fits me nicely with some room to spare.  I was shocked when the sleeves weren’t too long.  These type of sleeves are SO hard for me to find because they are always so dang long – even some petite sizes don’t fit.  Quality is nice and the price is crazy cheap.  Comes in other colors HERE.  I was sweaty Betty the day I wore this but I didn’t care! LOL Would recommend!

Banana Republic ankle jeans, Chloe marcie small leather satchel, Linea Paolo Gabby Block Heel Mule, PINK LACE BELL SLEEVE PEPLUM ZIPPER BACK BLOUSE

c/o Lace peplum top (size XS) // Banana Republic jeans (similar HERE) // H&M tank (similar HERE) // Chloe marie small satchel // Blush mules

It’s hard to resist pink, lace, peplum and bell sleeves all in one top.  Isn’t it so pretty?  Sizing runs VERY SMALL however the sleeves are super long on me.  I adore the pretty lace detail and peplum – would look super cute with a pencil skirt.  I can see it paired with white jeans and blush pumps too!  For taller gals, this top will be cropped so make sure to refer to the measurements online.  Would recommend.

Banana Republic ankle jeans, Gucci soho disco bag, Marc Fisher LTD Adalyne Platform Wedge, Pink lace trim sweater

c/o Lace hem sweater (small) // Banana Republic jeans (similar HERE) // Marc Fisher wedge sandals // Gucci soho disco bag // c/o Ily Couture necklace (similar HERE)

This lace hem sweater is exactly like my gray one from a few years ago.  I loved that one so much I had to have this new color.  The color online says it’s pink but it’s more of a peachy coral color.  My favorite part are the sleeves plus they fit my arms (yay!).  Sizing runs a tad on the smaller side.  It also says it’s a t-shirt but it’s most definitely NOT and more of a light sweater – perfect for spring.  Love it and would recommend.

Chloe marcie small leather satchel, Linea Paolo Gabby Block Heel Mule, River Island Petite dark blue distressed Amelie jeans, White Long Sleeve Hollow Lace Blouse

c/o White hollow lace blouse (size small) // c/o River Island distressed jeans //Blush mules  // Chloe marcie satchel // c/o kate spade watch // Pink toe nail polish 

I have way too many lace tops but for some reason I cannot say no.  What is my problem (lol)?  The details on this is quite impressive.  Love the hem and the neck.  The only issue I have are the sleeves.  They are very long and I had to cuff them up several times.  Sizing runs small and short so if you’re taller, this may be very cropped.  There’s an exposed zipper in the back which I’m not the biggest fan of however it does alleviate getting makeup on your blouse.  I like to layer my lace tops with a pink tank underneath but white looks great too.  The quality is very nice and comparable to Loft and Ann Taylor.  This kind of reminds me of the Loft medallion lace top (see HERE and HERE).  Would recommend but beware of the long sleeves!

On a side note, I wanted to address the reputation of SheIn and share some of my thoughts and experiences.  I’ve heard from a lot of readers that they didn’t have such great experiences however I’ve also heard that many of you have had great experiences.  I contemplated working with them again due to all the skepticism about their customer service, reputation and quality of clothes.  I brought this to their attention and they are aware of the issues and are working on it.  I agreed to do another review based on their response and also because they have some great stuff at affordable prices.

 I’ve done countless posts for them over the years and here are my thoughts.  The quality is hit or miss for me.  Some are disappointing however I have items that are really nice quality and end up being favorites of mine.  Shipping comes from overseas and takes about 2 weeks (at least for me).  Times may vary depending on which state or country you live in.  Returns are a hassle and sometimes not worth the trouble.

I spend a lot of time culling through pages and pages of items online before selecting my pieces to review.  Sometimes I do a great job picking them out and sometimes not so much.  I try to post only items that I love and would recommend.  The way I look at it is, everyone is going to have a different experience no matter where you shop.  Many of you, including myself wonder how on earth do they sell these clothes so darn cheap?!  You can’t even buy fabric for the same price.  Based on my research, companies can afford to sell these clothes at such a discounted price because they’re able to mass produce them overseas.  I know you trust my judgement and trust what I post here so I hope this information helps. 🙂

Thank you SheIn for sponsoring this post.

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