Neutrals and Classics

The other day I received a comment that my style is boring…

It’s not the first time I’ve heard this and I just have to laugh because the internet is a funny place.  My response to this person was THANK YOU.  I don’t take offense to this because it’s all relative.  I may be boring to some and that’s ok.  So what.  I’m boring,  I like classic styles, pieces and neutrals.

  I like to keep up to date on trends but I don’t necessarily follow them.  Don’t get me wrong, I love trying new things and it’s good to go outside your comfort zone but you won’t find me wearing combat boots or tie dye.  There’s nothing wrong with either but I know what I like and don’t like.  I wear things that I actually wear in real life and not just to for the sake of blogging and linking to it.  You will always see me wearing the same item over and over again because that’s real life.  Take this Banana Republic trench jacket for instance, I’ve had it for 7+ years and still wear it.  This brown vegan suede skirt, I’ve worn and blogged about it HERE.  These Vince Camuto Derika boots are always on repeat.

Top: Abercrombie (size XS, similar HERE or HERE) | Skirt: Abercrombie vegan suede skirt (size XS) | Boots: Vince Camuto (on sale) | Jacket: Banana Republic (old, similar HERE) | Necklace: Casablanca pendulum pendant

You do you and I’ll do what I want.  If you don’t like my style, it’s ok.  Simply unfollow.  Sorry for the rant.  Love you guys! XO

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  1. Love your style, from one petite to another, plus love how you dress the little girls.

  2. I love classic styles too! You’re right on point. Everyone is different. That’s what makes us individuals. Keep on being you!

  3. I laughed also! You are so stylish and I love classic looks too. Keep smiling and do what makes you happy. Love your style and advice for us petites. Thank you!

  4. Ignore them. I love your style and how practical they are. On another note, I think your trench coat looks wayyyy cuter than the current BP. The current color reminds me too much of Sherlock Holmes. Why can’t they offer more color?

  5. Annie, I found your blog for petites. I like seeing how the outfits look on petites and you do a wonderful job showing us how to put different pieces together. Thank you.

  6. No need to apologize or explain yourself, Annie! This is exactly why I follow your blog. I like classic styles myself. I don’t care if something is trendy. If I don’t like it, I am not wearing it. I know what I like and don’t like as well. Keep doing you and don’t ever change!

  7. I love your style! I’ve been following for a few years. I like classic style. People that follow trends will probably be embarrassed of their pictures later on.

  8. I think you have great style. I agree trends come and go. I blend classic with a trend that I like but very sparingly! You don’t have a huge amount of contrast in your coloring; so sticking to a neutrals or monochrome look with various shades of neutrals work for you.