365 days. One year old. My beautiful baby girl turned one recently and I’m still processing it.  I can’t even believe I’m typing this because it seems surreal.  This time last year she had just made her grand entrance into this world and completely changed my life forever.  How lucky am I that I get to be her mommy?  I feel so blessed that God sent her to me after my horrific miscarriage when I had lost all hope.  There are so many emotions I’m feeling so it’s quite challenging for me to convey them into words and put it all into one blog post.  I know most of you follow along for outfits and fashion ideas but I wanted to document this special celebration and share it with you as well!

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Twenty four minutes of discomfort positively changed my entire life.  Here’s how…

To give you an idea of the uphill battle that lied ahead of me, up until two weeks ago, my baby Milan had never once slept in her crib and we were using a baby swing for her naps.  Read that again.  Since Milan was born, she has never slept in her crib – EVER.  We have been co-sleeping with her since day one and it wasn’t until she was around three months old that we discovered this baby swing which saved us during her naps.

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