Casual Weekend Shorts + Sailor Tee + Leopard Clutch

J.Crew Stripes + Blue Suede Shoes + Leopard Clutch11
Top: J.Crew {old} – size XXS (similar here or cute here)
Shorts: J.Crew cuts {old, see on Kelly} – size 10 (this years version or women’s version)
Clutch: Clare Vivier (buy foldover here or flat here)
Bangles: c/o Stella & dot + J.Crew bangle gifted by Jess 
Shoes: J.Crew {old} – size 5 (similar here and here)
J.Crew Stripes + Blue Suede Shoes + Leopard Clutch04
I’m not a big shorts person and only have had a few posts in the past few  years (see herehere and here).  I feel pretty much the same about them as I do pants.  I just don’t feel comfortable in them for some reason. 
J.Crew Stripes + Blue Suede Shoes + Leopard Clutch14
I prefer to wear long sleeves with shorts to balance out showing so much leg. I feel much better when adding heels to make the outfit more feminine. 
J.Crew Stripes + Blue Suede Shoes + Leopard Clutch15
These shorts aren’t my favorite and think they are a bit too tight and short for my comfort level.  I have yet to find a replacement pair of white shorts.  Any suggestions would be great! I’ve tried on the J.Crew women’s version but it’s too big for me.  I think 5″ length is best for me (see my AT factory polka dot shorts here).

J.Crew Stripes + Blue Suede Shoes + Leopard Clutch20
This J.Crew sailor tee with engineered stripes is one of my favorite finds (see fitting room post here). I got it back in January for $12.50 and it’s so comfy!  It fits me really well w/out being too boxy or frumpy. 
J.Crew Stripes + Blue Suede Shoes + Leopard Clutch17
I’m most definitely getting my money’s worth out of this leopard clutch!   I love it to pieces and am really glad I finally took the plunge and ordered it.
How do you feel about shorts?
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  1. Everyone has their own comfort zone on many things- including fashion. Then too, you’ve mentioned not being much into maxi skirts and maxi dresses, yet you look fabulous in them (at least to me). These Cobalt Blue pumps are serious diversions from the white and coral colors. These shorts are very nice on you. Even if there are certain garments or shoes you aren’t comfortable much in, you at least deserve credit for trying. So don’t feel bad in any sort of way, Annie. You remain as stylish as ever no matter what trends or styles you try. That’s one of many reasons why I love visiting and commenting on “Stylish Petite.” 🙂

  2. I’m not big on shorts either, especially white shorts (I stick to dresses, skirts, and jeans). So props to you for trying them out, haha 🙂 Love this casual outfit!

  3. You look absolutely stunning here Annie! This has got to be one of my favorite outfit posts of yours. The fit of everything is spot on as are the accessories. I’m gushing over these photos and the shorts really show off your legs. I can relate to your reluctance to wear shorts and I personally feel most uncomfortable when sitting down because they ride up when they’re already short as it is!

  4. Hey, I’ve been reading your blog off and on for a while now and never comment. But I just love this outfit on you so much I just had to! My first thought was “I wish I had her legs!” you look great and have no reason to feel uncomfortable. I often feel shy in shorts too. I am 4’11” and small framed, but when it comes to my thigh muscles, God didn’t hold out on me. Many petites often have very delicate, slender looking legs so I always feel kind of awkward that mine are muscular especially when I sit down in shorts. Anyway you really look awesome and this is one of my favorite outfit postings lately. 🙂

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