How To Get Rid Of Dark Circles

If you suffer from dark circles, this post is a must read!  I’ve been using Olay’s newest Retinol24 collection for the past four weeks and today I’m sharing my results.

I suffer from severe dark circles and nothing EVER seems to work.  When I say nothing, I mean NOTHING.  I’ve tried and tested every product known to mankind and I still have severe dark circles.  It’s the bane of my existence!  It all began about 8 years ago when I started having insomnia.  THE WORST.

I’ve been dying to try out retinol for years but was always afraid to because I’ve heard that it irritated your skin, was super expensive and didn’t actually work.  I was so excited to try out Olay Regenerist Retinol24 line.

Since it is an affordable line, it was definitely worth giving it a try.  My favorite product is definitely the Olay Eyes Retinol24.

Does the amount of Retinol make a difference?

I used to wonder if the amount of retinol in products made a difference.  I thought the products with the highest amount of retinol would give the best results right?  Not true!  The amount of retinol doesn’t matter.  What matters is how it’s combined with other ingredients.  Retinol is an incredibly difficult ingredient to formulate because once it’s exposed to air, sun or heat, it’s instantly degraded.  Olay’s formula is made with vitamin B3 plus retinol complex allows your skin to feel hydrated better and longer than the leading best-selling retinol.

Should I use Retinol before or after I moisturize?

Olay’s Retinol24 collection was designed in three forms to simplify your life.  You can pick which form you want to try and that fits your skin care routine the best!

  • Moisturizer – replace your daily moisturizer
  • Eye Cream – apply after moisturizer (this is the one I’ve been using and love)
  • Serum – apply after washing/cleansing but before moisturizing

Don’t you love how straight forward it is?  I love easy is it to include in your daily routine.

What are the typical side effects of Retinol?

One of the biggest reasons why I typically shy away from trying new products is how it will affect or irritate my skin.  I was relieved that I did not experience any irritation after using Olay’s Retinol24 collection.  While everyone’s skin is different, 96% of users did not experience irritation after using Retinol24.

My results after 4 weeks

I’ve been using Olay Eye Retinol24 for about a month now and I’m happy to report that I noticed a difference in only 24 hours!  My dark circles felt noticeably less visible.  I don’t feel like I have raccoon eyes anymore.  Ha ha!  In all seriousness, I have very sensitive skin and was thrilled that I had virtually no irritation.  I barely have to wear any under eye concealer and my morning routine is cut down to just minutes.  As a working mom, every single minute counts!

Since the weather is cooling down and it’s officially fall, my skin gets really dry, especially at night.  After using Retinol24, my skin feels so hydrated all day.  There’s nothing worse than cracking skin, especially around the eyes.

I also wanted to point out that the Retinol24 products are fragrance free which is amazing.  I’m really sensitive to strong perfumes so this was a huge bonus for me.

Overall, I am very happy with the results.  My dark circles are so much better now. 🙂

Thank you Olay for sponsoring this post.

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  1. OMG the Santa Ana Winds no humidity is killing me this fall. My eczema has flared and my asthma is back. Rain, please!

    Tried so many things for dark circles since I was a teenager. They’re hereditary plus allergy-induced, so I’ve been pretty screwed. Retinol was always recommended, but it’s only in recent years that science has figured out how to buffer it so the skin isn’t irritated. Roc, neutrogena, and now Olay.

  2. I am the last person in America not to be on Instagram (!) … Did I miss the link to buy the chunky cream sweater dress? Thx! PS I can win the dark circles award hands down.

  3. Annie, This is a very nice post and thank you for sharing. The information is very helpful.