Disney Aulani Family Vacation + Tips on Traveling With Kids

We went on our first vacation as a family of four!

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Well we did it.  We took our first vacation as a family of 4 and it was also Meadow’s first time on a plane.  I was a bit nervous traveling with two kids especially during this time.  Let’s be real, traveling is stressful as it is, add kids (not to mention an active 1 year old) and it takes it to a whole new level.  Then add the pandemic, restrictions and precautions…it’s enough to make you go crazy.

Luckily, both girls did great!  Meadow did amazing and only cried when I had to use the restroom (lol).  I packed a ton of snacks for all of us and it kept us busy and full.  I had a lot of questions on Instagram about traveling during Covid so I thought I would address it here to make it easier and give you some helpful tips.


1. Be prepared. Make sure to read up on all necessary forms, paperwork depending on where you are traveling.  Each state or country has their own requirements.

 1. Get KN95 masks to wear underneath or over your cotton masks.  I also use these lanyards with clips so your mask doesn’t fall onto the floor.  These are great for kids and Milan uses them every day for school.

2. Pack lots of 2 oz. hand sanitizer and wipes.  My favorite travel sanitizer is Dr. Bronner’s peppermint spray and these wipes.

3. Pack two extra pairs of old socks you don’t care about to wear during security and throw them out after (one for each way).  I’ve been doing this even before Covid.

4. Bring lots of snacks for yourself and if you have kids (pack protein bars and their favorite healthy snacks).

5. Bring headphones (great for kids) if you want to watch movies or just want to tune out the noise.  I packed this Fire tablet for the kids but didn’t end up using it.

6. If you’re traveling with young children, make sure to pack a few travel size “surprise toys”.  Don’t give it to them until they start getting antsy.  This will buy you some time and keep them entertained.

8. Pack reusable water bottles especially if you have kids.  Water bottles for children are allowed through security.  They will have to check to make sure it’s water.

9. Try to use the bathroom and make sure the kiddos do too before boarding the plane.

10. Wash your hands frequently and wipe down everything!  If you can reach for it, wipe it down.

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 We stayed at the Disney Aulani Resort and it’s a great place for families.  We had a wonderful time.  It was nice to unplug and spend some quality time together.  I would definitely recommend it if you have kids or love Disney.

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  1. Thank you! I like that Disney thinks very well about the safety of its visitors and has taken many precautions during covid. This makes you feel more secure.