Magical Unicorn Pony Ride

This year I decided to give Milan a magical unicorn pony ride for her birthday.

My dress: Olivia Rubin Isolde (size 0) | Milan’s dress: H&M (similar HERE) | Meadow’s dress: Meadow Ivy tulle dress

I wanted to do something different for Milan’s birthday this year.  Instead of getting her a million toys and things that she will play with once and get tired of, I wanted give her something that she will always remember.  She absolutely LOVES ponies and so my search for a unicorn pony began.  I found a company called My Little Pony Rides and they bring the ponies to wherever you want.  She had one full hour all to herself to ride her ponies.

I wasn’t planning on getting on the pony and was clearly not dressed for it but the owner insisted.  What a special birthday gift for my amazing daughter.  I cannot believe she is 6 years old already!  She’s been so tough on me lately but when she told me that it was the best gift ever and that I was the best mommy for doing this, it’s moments like these that make all the motherhood struggles worth it.  We will do anything to make our kids happy.  In case you missed her Unicorn birthday themed party, you can check it out HERE.  Happy Birthday Milan!

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  1. This is the cutest thing I have ever seen. Did not know there were Unicorn rides. I love this for children. The pictures are wonderful. Fussiness and all. LOL! Milan will remember this for the rest of her life. Glad you got some beautiful pictures of all the girls.:)